Vast landscapes, teeming with a collection of wildlife.


Located in the lowlands of Georgia, The Plantation landscape reflects the diversity of the region with large, bountiful gardens, rich woodlands and a marsh brimming with wildlife, including birds, fish and alligators.

The MARSHLAND, waterways & Rice gate

Remnants of The Rice Fields are still preserved amongst the vast marshes of The Plantation. Tour the marshes and waterways to become enveloped in a vast expanses of nature. 

Boat, golf cart or on foot excursions are just a request away.

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THE lawns & Gardens

Acres of grass on The Plantation are available for games, events, picnics and more.

Ask the concierge and they'll take care of the rest.

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the ponds

The Plantation is home to a number of picturesque ponds. Soak in nature or cast in a net or a line.

Grab a map, request a cart, inquire about rigging and enjoy!

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the docks

Enjoy a casual meal, refreshments or simply sit and relax on one of The Plantation's two docks.

Explore either dock at at any hour or ask the staff to arrange a special setup.

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The lush woodlands are home to a diversity of flora and animal-life.

Grab a map and meander around the many trails on foot or request a cart to cover more ground.

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