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The Cook's House

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After The Elliot House was constructed, this historic building used to be the home of The Plantation cook. It now serves as a small museum to house relics of The Plantation's past. 

The house sits just behind the Elliot House and is a few steps away from the Cook's Kitchen—which has since been converted to a wine cellar. 

Historic Gastronomy

Traditionally, meals were made from what could be procured from the land. The owner and his family had servants keep a small garden for fruits and vegetables. They would raise chickens and livestock for eggs, milk and an occasional meal. And, of course, rice would be grown in the marshland fields.

The protein of most dishes would come mainly from the land and sea. Fish, shrimp and crab were caught fresh from the river and ocean. Oysters were plucked from a variety of underwater beds. The forests and marshland supplied wild game such as venison, boar, waterfowl and even alligator. Every meal was based off of what was available with the season.

Today, the tradition continues at The Plantation. Chef Tim will often serve sides with ingredients freshly picked from the garden. His main courses of seafood and game garnered from the 180 acres of land and waterways.

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